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PDW-F30 with i-Link Low hrs.

Contact: Brian @ MBS if interested. (818) 243-1113

Great condition for a great price, $600. only 156 Laser hoursContact: Brian @ MBS for this exceptional value. (818) 243-1113
Playback of MPEG HD and DVCAM material
Records MXF files (in both MPEG HD and DVCAM formats) via i.LINK (File Access Mode) or Ethernet (*1) interface.
Proxy AV (low-resolution audio and video) Data recording
Long playback time; MPEG HD (*2) at 35 Mb/s: 69 min., 25 Mb/s: 92 min., 18 Mb/s: 122 min.
Down-conversion output: MPEG HD playback can be converted to SD signals and output via the SD-SDI, SD composite and i.LINK (DV OUT) connectors.
Up-conversion output: DVCAM playback can be converted to 1080i HD signals and output via HD connectors.
Thumbnail Search operation
Expand function
Scene Selection operation
Search speed (in color) - JOG: +/- 1 time normal speed, Variable: ±1 time normal speed, Shuttle: ±20 times normal speed
3.5-inch (*3) type color LCD screen
Repeat playback function
Simple Remote Commander unit is supplied.
Gigabit Ethernet capability (requires the optional PDBK-101 board)
Input and output of 25 Mb/s HDV stream (MPEG-2 TS) (requires the optional PDBK-102 board)
Ability to write EDL data (Clip List) back onto disc
Metadata recording
Compact and lightweight design; can be placed either horizontally or vertically

(*1) Ethernet interface requires the optional PDBK-101 board.
(*2) In 2-ch audio mode
(*3) Viewable area measured diagonally