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infamous 34 frame delay

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Philip Boal
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Well its started again. Sometimes while I'm editing on Axial 3000 with DVW-500 decks I get a 34 frame delay at the edit point.
Lets say I'm pre-reading on a key, a 15 frame fade-in of the switcher at the edit point. In preview, its a a good edit. while it records it looks like a good edit (output of the switcher) although I hear a "bump" in the audio when this occurs. On playback, it appears the key pops on 34 frames after the edit, because there's a delay coming from somewhere that makes the vtr not go into record until after the switcher has brought on the key.

my own silly fix for this ... use shorter videotapes. If i edit on 6s, 12s, or 30s. most of the time the problem does not occur.
switch to 60s and its a crap shoot. so now when i edit longer pieces I edit on short submasters before stitching it all together.

Anyways, the engineer & I are looking for an answer. if anyone has had a similar experience please post it.
Thanks, Philip Boal Muscular Dystrophy Association Tucson, AZ