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DVEous effect "decoding"

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Bob Castro
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Hello all, I use a DVEous 5100 and have just completed a multi-day tagging job of several hundred spots for markets across the country. Each spot used a DVEous keyframe to position dealer logos on the endpage. Based on the size and shape of the dealer logo graphics, some keyframes are used by more than one spot.

Now I would like to harvest keyframe vs DVEous timeline information as text to store in a database along with dealer address and logo page info since this is a recurring job and will be back next season.

I am familiar with copying effects to floppy and reading/backing up to a PC, but when I open the DEVous effect files as text or hexidecimal the only info that is readable is the header:

ADVE5100 V6.0b12 18:59:24 Oct 21 1998 EFFECT

Is there any way to tell which set of bytes in the effect corresponds with the timeline fields?

I use RS-422 control of the DVEous on the Axial 3000, so the edit list contains a fake timecode number which positions the DEVous to the correct keyframe and it executes 0.0% play speed to hold frozen on that particular keyframe for the duration of the endpage. I have nearly 300 spots to tag in just a few days and wold like to populate the "DVE" column in our production database with something like:

Spot # DVEous Keyframe Local Trans Horz Vert Size
001 32:00 -.2317 -0.0997 0.2973
002 18:00 0.00 -.2353 0.4985

I can take care of the parsing and column fill-in as long as I could extract the keyframe info in decimal that matched what was on the front panel. The obvious strategy of reusing the EDL doesn't work because each season's generic is different and requires something the Axial doesn't do well - namely creating a new project, and reaching back into an old project to just extract part of the EDL info. To make things more complicated, not every dealer participates every season, so the 18th spot may not be the same dealer as last season.

Sorry to go on so long. Thanks in advance for any help.

Bob Castro. VTA Inc. Atlanta, GA 30324 404-634-6181