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Sony MVS-8000X is New at NAB

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Got this from the web site.  Can't WAIT to see ths thing!  Already startng to imagine what I can do with 40 keyers!!!







New Models Deliver 3G- and 3D-Ready Capabilities; and

Entry Level, High Performance Features for Commercial Applications




LAS VEGAS (NAB Booth #C11001) April 11, 2010 – New production switcher announcements have become a tradition for Sony at NAB, and this year’s line-up features two new models that offer high performance at each end of the product chain.

The MVS-8000X is the latest in Sony’s MVS switcher family, which has become the standard in live and control room production. The new MVS model provides a bridge from 2D 720P and 1080i high-definition production to the growing need for 1080P/59.94 3Gbps and 3D stereoscopic production capability. The DFS-900M is an entry-level, multi-format (SD/HD) switcher perfect for regional broadcasting, small remote productions, houses of worship, government and education use.


"These new switchers were developed and built using experience gained over a decade of designing and delivering market-proven systems and as a result we enjoy a well-earned reputation for leadership in high-definition production switching," said Chris Marchitelli, senior manager of CineAlta and Production Systems at Sony Electronics.

The MVS-8000X is multi-format and fully scalable up to 5ME and 200 input/100 output, including dedicated interfaces for DME at 3Gbps 1080P/59.94. The switcher’s 3D-on-3G mode enables the full performance of 5MEs and simplified operation for 3D production. In 3D 1080i/720P mode, complex link settings are not necessary since 2D and 3D signal sources can be assigned to crosspoint buttons, enabling flexible production of 2D/3D sources. If the left and right signals are reversed, users can exchange signals easily through the switcher’s menu display. The Digital Multi Effects of the MVS system can adjust depth for 2D graphics using a newly supported Parallax menu.

The MVS-8000X processor (1080i/720P) incorporates eight keyers with digital video resizers, border generators, and advanced chroma key, all as standard; and an advanced frame memory system, including 16 channels of still and clip recording and playback, available as an option. Also available are format converters, including up-, down- and cross-conversion for both inputs and outputs; and color correction, featuring RGB and six-vector correction modes. The MVS-X offers powerful MultiProgram2 technology, which allows splitting a single ME to two Mix/Effect sections. This enables 5ME systems to perform with the equivalent capabilities of 10ME, with four keyers for each ME.

The DFS-900M is a multi-format HD and SD production switcher available in either 1M/E or 1.5M/E configurations, selectable by panel choice. It features a 3RU compact processor with optional redundant power supply, expandable up to 24-inputs and12-outputs of HD/SD-SDI, or optional input/output for Analog and DVI. It also offers 4 keyers (Chroma key standard) + 2 DSK, up to 6 channels of 3D DVE (including warp), 4channels of frame memory ( video and key pairs), and up to 2 sets of multi viewer outputs that can display 4, 10, or 16 screens.

The new switchers, MVS-8000X and DFS-900M, are planned to be available this spring and late summer respectively.