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Red Camera Battery Available

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Sunpow today proudly announces the release of GripFun Pro power system for Red One. The GripFun Pro is a durable, high capacity Lithium-Ion battery which is protocol-compatible for powering the innovative RED ONE camera.

1 Red Camera Battery Available Red Camera Battery Available

Rated at 150Wh or 190Wh the GripFun Pro(PL-SL4010R,PL-SL4090R) can power your Red One for long time shooting. With 4 level LED indicator you can monitor the battery's remaining capacity. Also with the decoded chip the GripFun Pro can communicate directly with your Red One's viewfinder, and you can see exact percentage of remaining capacity of battery.

Equiped with both power tap connector and DC output connector you can get energy from GripFun Pro to power your camera light, wireless phone, etc. Moreover both PT and DC connector have a rubber cover. So you don't worry about the battery get wet during rainy days.

GripFun Pro Specification:
Part Number: PL-SL4010R or PL-SL4090
Capacity:150Wh or 190Wh
Dimensions: 102x153x58mm
Color: Black
Connection: Sony V-Mount