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Kayak timeline delay

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Just wondering if anyone has seen this before.  I was on MTVG HDX17 last week and noticed this behavior with my transition timelines. 

Here is my basic timline:

-Recall pbus register

-wait for user

pbus play trigger

-keyer on


-auto trans all selected


-keyer off

Here's the issue.  If I recall the effect and run it without waiting long enough, the transition slips and the undercut is visible because it happens too early. I know it takes tiime for the lance to recall the register, but for quick sports like volleyball, this delay can be too long. 

So my question is: How long does it take the clipstore to respond to commands from the lance, and if so would it be a good idea to build this delay into the beginning of my timelines?  I'm using the 'mega-clip' workflow on the clipstore.