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Reverse Wipe via BVE-9100

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Paul Minni
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Joined: 21 Sep 2005

How does one reverse the direction of a pattern/DME wipe via the 9100 Wipe dialog? I can set the direction of the wipe pattern on the switcher(MVS-8000) but under edit control it always switches back to "Normal" at the edit.

Other edit controllers would use a negative sign in front of the wipe number and others would use a different range of numbers for the reverse direction. I can't figure out what the 9100 needs... No mention of wipe direction in the docs.

Also, has anyone been able to Switcher Learn a key on the P/P bus on the MVS-8000 via BVE-9100? It works on an M/E keyer but not the P/P bus, where the keys labelled as DSKs.


Paul Minni
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Sorry for not paying attention here, been very busy... Thanks Steve, adding 3000 to the wipe number is the ticket. We had some folks from Sony here last week and I got to sit down with Dana and go over the MVS/BVE interaction a little bit. As far as the SW MEM and the P/P DSK's, we couldn't get an answer that day. It maybe a bug or a IDC constant that needs to be tweaked on the 9100. I'll have to follow up, since I haven't heard back from the Sony folks I met with. Hey Matt, I bet the Kalypso will work nicely with an Editware VPE-341. I know where you could get one cheap! ;-)
Matt Saplin
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Just took (I mean, JUST) delivery of a Grass Valley Kalypso Duo for our primary control room. The room is primarily a live TV control room, with the ability to do some editing (currently using a Sony DVS-8000 and BVE-9100). From my research, the BVE-9100 can handle the Kalypso with GVG-4000 protocol...is anyone else using the 9100/Kalypso combination? Just looking for a little guidance, and maybe what some other facilities have experienced with these two devices together... Thanks! Matt @ WNYT/Albany
wink hackman
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Re the sw learn - do you have the 'half m/e' software - only on mvs 8000a - with only two dsks? If so, I think the 9100 won't recognise them as they're in the output card, not 'real' keyers to the 9100. If you have four dsks on your p/p bus, it's not that...
Chris Boden
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Hi Paul! Did you find a solution how to make a reverse wipe with your 9100? I haven't worked with a 9100, but when you need the reverse wipe with a BVE 2000, you have to add a '-' to the wipe number. If you need wipe number 12 for example, you have to program it as wipe -12. Chris
Steve Spakes
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I think you add 3000 to the wipe number. Example, if you want to reverse wipe 17, you tape in 3017.