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zodiak pgm/pst keyers

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I will be on a zodiak this weekend and haven't seen one in quite awhile. I can recall if the pgm/pst buss has 3 or 4 keyers, which can not be put into TE's. Also does it support the split/layered mode of operation per ME.


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Looking for Looking for a Zodiak (standard def) CONTROL PROC /DSK /SS board PN/ 671-6346-00X


Matthew Walter


Matthew Walter 415-468-2400
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hey greg, is this a Steve Paino job? If so, get in touch with me.... tveric@gmail.com
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Bob, Thanks... It is a 2.5 ME
Bob Ennis
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It's going to depend on which flavor of Zodiak you get...the 2 1/2 M/E version has 3 keyers (non-transformable) on the PGM bus, while the 3 M/E version has 4 keyers (transformable) on PGM + 3 DSK's (non-transformable). It'll do a simple form of Programmable Clean Feed on the main PGM output only, and no, it does not support layering or split mode.

Bob Ennis