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422 control of Resizers

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Our new facility is being built with a Abekas editor with a 3ME MVS-800G and 3 channels of DME 9000. Now I know the editor will talk 422 to the switcher and DME's, but what about the 16 resizers that come built in with the switcher. I see no documentation any where about the resizers, whether you can GPI control them, or only by a snapshot. i would love to have vtr control of the resizers...what do you all think. Also does anyone have a 8000A, or G with a Abekas editor?. Would love some feedback.



Bill D
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Jason. GPI input would be easy. I am pretty certain you can have a GPI input call up a macro, snapshot or effect. So whatever you build you should be able to control through GPI. I didn't even think they made new online rooms, thought they all went to avids now. Nice setup though.