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DVEous Training / Tutorial?

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Hi All,

Embarrassed to say it, but I'm not so great on the higher functions of DVEous. I've spent most of my days on K-Scope and Kalypso TE. I've only gotten to use the DVEous during my side gigs in trucks to this point, so only achieved survival, not proficiency, to this point. I'm okay to build the basic boxes, moves, etc., but...

Can anyone suggest any resources, besides the manual, for learning the "higher math" of the DVEous? Might there be an ancient VHS (heh!) or something out there?


John Conlen
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I can vouch for Jim Thorpe, he did my training last year. He showed me a lot of shortcuts and easy setups to get me started. It is also fun to see SF if you can get your company to pick up the tab. John
Born to dive, forced to work
Jim Thorpe
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Greetings all, I'm still alive and do the occasional dveous training or demo. I also answer operational questions that tech support in Menlo Park can handle. I have done dveous training here in SF at KRON in the last several years or Abekas usually lets me set up a machine in the lab/shop there. I did it for some Korean customers last September. My link in the training section has an old email address, but my land line number can be found in info in San Francisco or Abekas tech support will give it to you. If you are on the east coast, call Liberman or perhaps he can recommend someone near you. Jim
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Jim Thorpe is another good Dveous trainer. He is based in the SF Bay area. Cheers, -= Ken =-
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MM, Scott might be thinking of Jim Thorpe. If you do a search for him on this site, you can click on his email address and contact him. Jim is somewhere in CA. Sean
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You should go to your Profile on Editsuite and in the Personal section add the state where you live into the Location field. That way we can suggest someone who may live or work in your area. For instance, if you live in the greater Atlanta area, that is where Gary Lieberman lives too. He has done a ton of Dveous training and demos for Abekas/Accom/Scitex/Abekas (reverse order). Cheers, -= Ken =-
Scott Dailey
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Hi MM, There is a guy out there that used to post occasionally on this forum, I think it was Richard something. He was a Dveous trainer at one time. He may know of some resources. Personally, I learned the thing by taking moves that were on the Dveous already, or a client's moves and reverse engieering them. How many channels are being used, how are they being manipulated, what parameters are in use, etc. For example, the current ESPN replay wipe has a DVE version that looks alot like the aimated version. Tear it apart and you will learn how to use Orbital EFX. Go through the move KF by KF and change things like Tension and Bias to see how the effect reacts. Here is something I teach new users on a switcher. Build Camera Bars with the switcher using whatever resources you like, but try not repeating the same type of resource. You can do the same thing on the Dveous. (Yeah I stole the idea) You can download the manual but I find button mashing usually teaches a button masher better. Happy punching! Scott