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Axial GPI's Momentary only? or can they be ON|OFF?

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Bob Castro
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Joined: 25 Aug 2006

At VTA, I edit on an Axial 3000 w/ vers. 4.3 Display and Comms. Yesterday, we hooked up an HD logo inserter for 'bugging' hour long shows via GPI's.

The logo inserter really wants ON|OFF GPI's but apparently the Axial only generates momentary contact closures. I used to edit on a CMX340 and it was capable of programming a given GPI to be either momentary or ON|OFF. Is the Axial capable on making its GPI's ON|OFF? I didn't see that feature mentioned in either the online help of printed docs.


Bob Castro. VTA Inc. Atlanta, GA 30324 404-634-6181
Atul Vaidya
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Unfortunately you can not keep the GPI on. You can increase the length of the trigger time by modifying the file start30.cmds this file you will find in C:Axial3000sys Set GPI pulse width in fields individually for each GPI All GPI default to 2 field pulse width, but this may be modified as desired Add a line for each GPI you wish to customize, copying the example below Format is GPISetDefaultPulse( GPI Number , Pulse Width in fields) Example: GPISetDefaultPulse ( 1 , 2 ) Best Regards Atul Vaidya Abekas Tech Support