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New to Kahuna

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I am new to Kahuna and would like some additional help and/or advice that can guide me in this transition. If anyone can help with shortcuts, how to use DME's and/or GMEM's ect. Macros. Please let me know!

Anything would be beneficial!

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Hi am not able to create 5 tiles on my 2ME KAHUNA normally we create 4 tiles in ME's and fifth one with help of DVE when 5 tiles ready to use than never show 5 tile then we have to use (slightly down from original position) T-Bar to see the 5 tile Plz advice. Regards, Gurmeet
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Hi Weathergal, If you join the Kahuna Club you will be able to register your mail address and get full access to installation/operational manuals. https://www.snellwilcox.com/kahunaclub/ This should answer all of your questions. Lee
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The station I'm at just went on the air with Kahuna back in October. It's a really nice switcher but I'm not one of the TDs. I'm next door in the art department. I do help our regular directors and TDs because I have a fair amount of Grass Valley experience (300, 200, DPM-700, K-Scope) and other DVEs. I don't really have the answers, but I can usually point to where one should look for some feature. Actually, today I spent some time with one of the TDs helping him figure out the DVE. Ken Schneider is from Snell, and he's the guy with the definitive answers. He's also a great trainer. Please get your station to bring him in to train your staff. It's well worth it! But, in the meantime, I'll try my best to help. :) Scott Thomas Art Director WINK-TV