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Zodiak Refresher

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Hi All,

I've got a show on a Zodiak this weekend. Only used one once. Can anyone help remind of of what the fully optioned 3 M/E is like? As far as I remember, it's "Kalypso Lite" with:

4 keys per M/E, all with TE

4 SS's (2 V+K pairs)

3 e-mem'able simple DSKs (no TE, no CK)

Obviously no source displays, so bring white tape

...is that about it?


Matt Saplin
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Great memory!  It's probably been 3 years since I've been on one, but I wanted to specifically mention that the only actual clean feed output is BEFORE the DSKs.  The clean feed isn't configurable like the Kalypso -- I remember doing a lot with bus linking and AUX feeds to get the clean feeds I needed.

Also keep in mind that the keyer rows are multi-purpose -- so if you've delegated a row as 'macro' and then select your next transition in that ME as BKGD & KEY 1, that macro row becomes Key 1 crosspoints.  I'm just remembering doing a lot of macro attach replacements on the Zodiak.

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Looking for a zodiak (standard def) CONTROL PROC /DSK /SS PN/ 671-6346-00X in case anyone has an old standard def board

they haven't tossed? 


Matthew Walter 415-468-2400
Michael Nice
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Having been working on a zodiak weekly for the past 6 months or so, I can say that is about right. I think the 3 M/E has somthing like 13 aux buses, I know the 2.5 has 9. It is a pretty powerful switcher for its size, much easier to work with than a Kayak! Have fun!