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Help en francais

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JE suis un nouvel utilisateur de la KAYAK j'ai besoin d'aide pour son utilisation.
Y a t il quelqu'un qui pourrais m'aider.

Im a new user for KAYAK DD, and i need information trainings ...for using the materiel.
Please could you help me or may be give me website where i can find infos, and everything for helping me on these.
Thanks a lot

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Bonjour David, Je m'appelle Scotty. Je traville dans le DD35 tout les temps. (Pardon ma francais, je parle le francais comme une vache pisser)... C'est possible que je aide vous avec votre questions... mais j'ai un ami ici que est tres bon avec francais... Il est Francais. Je le dirai de vous. Bonchance! -Scotty
John Henkel
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Update: I just found and uploaded a French language pack. You can select it by clicking on your PROFILE, ESSENTIALS and setting the pull down menu accordingly. Any other languages anyone would like to see?
John Henkel
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Bonjour David, I'm sorry that my French is not that good, but I would suggest our site, but try using Google's translation: http://translate.google.com/translate?u=editsuite.com%2Fnew&hl=en&ie=UTF... As you know, some things will not work, but perhaps it will help. Bon chance, John
Jochen Huegel
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Hi David, you can find some infomation about trainigs on the grass valley web page: http://www.thomsongrassvalley.com/support/. Here you laso can find all manuals to download. You can also ask your local grass valley service provider. Best regards Jochen