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Kahuna Ops Seminar

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Snell & Wilcox will host two free T.D. operations seminars at the Bexel/NYC offices. These one-day seminars are designed to introduce operators to the Kahuna architecture and feature set and will provide some hands-on experience with basic operations. If desired, attendees can also be entered into the Snell database for future freelance bookings.

Light refreshments will be served.

For details, or to sign up, contact:

Tedd Tramaloni

Mike Hardwick
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Hi Ted. Can you let me know of any future dates that you are considering? I am on the west coast, so a NY trip is going to take some planning. In the mean time, since I am based in Las Vegas, there are a couple of companies here that have Kahuna systems that I am trying to set up some time with. I also sent Ken an email to get download instructions for the manual.
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Sorry, guys. We are actually very interested in hosting seminars outside of New York, but "where" is always the question. Give me some feedback about where and I'll look into it. As for details about the NYC seminar, its either Tuesday, Feb. 24 or Wednesday, Feb. 25. Its really hard to schedule these things, but I noticed that Knicks, Devils, Nets, and Isles are off on Tuesday, so I thought that would work for a lot of people. We're going to be at Bexel Broadcast Services, 625 W. 55th. St. for the seminar. We plan to start around 9:30 or so, but coffee and donuts will hopefully arrive before then. :-)
Mike Cumbo
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How about posting dates/times, so people can see if they fit our schedules.
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Tedd, Any chance these seminars will be held in other Bexel locations for those of us that can't travel to New York? Bryan