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More Synergy Questions

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Matt Saplin
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Just a few other things that I took note of on my Saturday excursion with the Synergy, that I thought I'd ask about.

1. Is there a quick way to copy a 'custom control' from one register to another?

2. PVW overlay ... doesn't seem to work on the switcher I'm on. Is there a dedicated BNC output for PVW overlay, or do you configure it in a menu much like on a Sony?

3. The panel locks momentarily when accessing the USB drive ... is there a suggested drive size that would cut-down on the time the panel is locked? I was using a 512 MB thumb drive.

4. Still Stores: are they able to be saved to USB memory, or do they live in the switcher's RAM?

Thanks a million, guys!

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Adding on to Brian's comments: 2. Preview Overlay is an option on the Synergy SD series so you have to be careful to just move the PV cable to OVL output. If the board is not installed in the frame then it won't work. 4. The Still Stores are stored on the 3D card Flash so they have to be captured from video and can not be transferred out to usb
Brian Ford
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Hey Matt, There answers to these questions really depend on which model of Synergy you are working with. From your other thread you mentioned version 17 software so that means it must by the older Synergy SD system. I'll answer the questions for both the Synergy SD switchers and the newer Synergy MD/Vision switchers. 1. Synergy SD: There is no button to copy macros as such; but you can store them to USB as an individual file, and then load it from USB into a different macro button. This will in effect perform a copy operation; although its a little extra work. In the disk menu you'll find options for saving/loading individual macros. Synergy MD: There is a button in the custom control menu to copy/move macros. 2. Synergy SD: Yes there is a dedicated output on the back of the frame for Preview Overlay. Synergy MD: Any output can be assigned to be pvw overlay. 3. From what I've seen the USB is always a little slow. I've been told the fewer files you have on the key the faster it will go; but I've never experimented with this really. 4. Synergy SD: I actually can't remember how the still store works.. :) It's been so long since I've used it. Synergy MD: Drag and Drop over the network onto the switcher..