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Lens flare

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Joined: 31 Jul 2008

Hello all !

I'm quite a DVEous rookie, and I'm trying to build a lense flare, like the one you can easily built with the TE on the Kalypso, and even after looking in the manual, I'm not able to figure it out. I would also like this flare to be become full screen at a given point. I'm basicly looking to send this to the DDR for a font transition,

Thanks !


Montreal, Canada

Bill D
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I believe it is called focus, once you play with finding it in Z space, play with focus. you can get a nice double ring using this parameter
Scott Dailey
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What you are looking for is Light Source. To get familiar with it, put a channel up full, put a source in the channel so you can see the effect, turn on light source for the channel you are viewing and set it to spot. Turn the joystick (counterclockwise?) until you see the light source. Now you can manipulate it wherever you want and begin to experiement. Remember, if you record the light source itself as both fill and key onto your DDR, you will get black edges, Make your video signal larger or even more fun, make it a full raster signal and color it some funnky way to make your light change colors. This should get you started. Scott