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Zodiak Newbie

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Hello all--

Just wanted to get some quick info from someone who has used a GVG Zodiak 2.5 ME switcher. Going into a show on Sunday having never used a Zodiak before. Is it more similar to a GVG 4k or a GVG Kalypso? From scanning the manuals quickly it seems like it is similar to the Kalypso in most respects. Any tips/tricks I should know?

Any help would be most appreciated, thanks!

Dave L.

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Looking for Looking for a Zodiak (standard def) CONTROL PROC /DSK /SS board PN/ 671-6346-00X Thanks Matthew Walter 415-713-3264
Matthew Walter 415-468-2400
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Thanks guys... your info helped ease my mind going into the shoot and it went well! Thanks again, Dave L.
Mike Stevens
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Like Mike said, it's pretty much a smaller version of the Kalypso, but they both have the same side panel OS, so building timelines is just like on the Kalypso. If you have worked with the Kalypso, the Zodiac is a piece of cake. There are only 3 DSKs, which should be enough depending on the size of the show.

Mike Stevens

Mike Cumbo
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It is basically a baby Kalypso with some changes. No Double Take, assigning TE's is different. It might be easier on the Zodiac. You do not have any TE's on PGM bus. Only one still store control level in Master E-Mem. Adjusting timeline durations is done via menu rather then dedicated buttons on the panl. Clean feed abilities are much more basic and gives you less functionality then the bigger Kalypso. You only have four still store channels. (or two key/fill pairs)