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Clip Store questions

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I'll be on a show next week with a Clip Store. I've only worked with one once or twice and always with drives that the client had, so all the clips were there. Next week I'll have to record new media onto the drives. So, I have a few questions:
1) Do you need to record to both channels, or is a single clip available to be played back on both the video and key channels?
2) If you need to record to both, does the record of fill and matte need to happen simultaneously?
3) Do you need to input timecode when recording?
4) Do you need to put the Clip Store into remote for use with the Lance or is it automatic?
5) Would you record using the Lance or would you use the software (mouse point and click)?
6) Any other things to watch out for?


Mike Cumbo
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Mike, 1-You do need to input a signal to both channels, as well as audio. The truck I am using this weekend has two inputs fed by the router. I think the two are labeled Clip V and Clip K. Audio is on the VIDEO side. (audio follows the video) 2-You need to record all signals at the same time as far as I know. 3-As far as I know, most trucks have TC run to the device. I have never had to sync TC with a tape. Not sure how that is done and if it is possible. 4-The machine should have RS-422 setup unless it is brand new and has never been used. 5-I have used the mouse to start recording. One director was stunned that you could put the Clip Store into record via the Lance. There is a "button" on the interface that changes color based on what it is set to do. It can either be NEW CLIP, OVERWRITE or APPEND. Just by clicking that button it changes the function and color of the button. Over write is red I believe, Append is yellow and I forget the other. Append is what you want to use if you need to add material to a clip after you have a clip. Obviously you would have to create a new clip with your elements at some point. One MTVG EIC suggested that I always make sure that the box is set to APPEND just in case record is hit. (This is during operation of the box during a game) Some times the VIDEO and KEY channels get locked together. Not a bad thing if the elements were dumped from an EVS where one side played the video and the other the key signals and everything matched up. However if you are just dumping material the way most of us do to a Fast Forward, then you want the sides independent. Check page 3-45 of the manual. There is a menu to change Drop Frame/Non Drop Frame if needed. Simple click or two.