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Clearing Crop on Dveous

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Joined: 13 Oct 2009

I?m pretty new to the Dveous and for some reason this just starting happening, I hit Normal Normal Normal Enter to clear out everything but for some reason the left and right sides are cropped and cutting off part of the screen. In the past with this same truck I have not had this problem when I go to clear things out and start over, any ideals?


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Hi Toby, I don't know if this is related but there is a "init crop" in a ENG MENU, top right of the panel, I don't remember exactly in which menu; maybe the init crop has some unwanted values? Bill, the idea of having a few start effects is very good! JP
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Chris, I will try the "first birthday" trick you are talking about, I'm freelancing on an old NWT truck A22 that my local cable company bought just over a year ago. I have not done anything with the aspect ratio that I know of, I guess you never know when you?re trying to learn something new. Bill, Thanks for the ideals also, in the past I have not saved anything on the Dveous just so I can keep learning new things with the Dveous but I like your ideal and I plan on putting together a disk with some effects. This can come in real handy when I'm stuck at the station and have to show up late for a show, this did happen to me last year where I had to Dir my 5pm show at the station drive an hour a way and hit the air at 7pm for a basketball game. There is talk of this happening again this season during BB. Thanks Guys! Toby
Bill D
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Toby, one tip once you get a normal effect actually working correctly. Save off a few effects as a normal you can carry on disk to different trucks. That way if you need to start a new effect call up effect zero, etc. And start from there. I used to build an all video/video setup, another for video key, video/video and a one for video/key, video/key. You can also turn on things like defocus (just have no blurr on yet), set border colors to what you use often then turn off, setup shadow in the right place with a good opacity and then just turn it off, setup a light source positioning in the middle of the screen, then turn off, etc. Makes it quicker to add these things when I director needs something. Which also means less button pressing and impression (right or wrong) that you know what you are doing. Always good with a director you have never worked with.
Chris Boden
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Hi Toby! It's been a while since I've experienced this error the last time, too, but I can remember that it was something concerning working with different aspect ratios. "Normal normal normal Enter" should reset everything to factory, that is right. Did you try to make a "first birthday" by pulling out the Mainboard (not the Double-Twin-Channel board) out of the chassis? Set the Aspect Ratio to 4:3 (1.000:0.7500), try a "Normal normal normal Enter", if that doesn't work, pull out the Mainboard a second time. I'm not quite sure because it's long ago, but that combination of resetting the aspect ratio, "Normal normal normal Enter" and pulling out the Mainboard twice did the trick... Hope it helps... Chris ...still thinking that it could have something to do with effects that were programmed and saved when the DVEous was working in a different aspect ratio than it does now... but I'm not sure!