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Anyone working on live shows in 3d?

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Gary Lieberman
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Been hearing that the next new thing is Live 3D Productions.  Anyone want to share a story?

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OB-team in Norway now own their own 3D-capable truck, and although I am no longer employed there I was choosen to TD their first ever live transmitted 3D-production, a soccer game between Norway and Cyprus.

Setup: 5 cameras and 3 EVS. 2 EVS was native 3D, the third one was "upconverted" from 2D to 3D, which handled replay of offside camera and other feeds from the other 3 productions. Graphix was 3D from Viz[rt].

Sony 7000X (serial number 1!..) w/o 3D-license so I had to link everything everywhere. Building a simple split screen turned out to be quite an adventure!

Production gallery has 2 3D monitors, PGM and PVW. Other monitors are 2D only. Did work quite well with five cameras, but would probably be cumbersome for a larger production I think.

3D stands for 3 Days as it is quite an effort to rig and calibrate the cameras. The production was distributed via Canal Digital over satellite and cable via side-by-side and everyone w/ a HD PVR set top box and 3D capable TV could enjoy the historical production at home.

All-in-all a very interesting and fun experience!


Mike Cumbo
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Gary, does anyone other than NEP, SS3D, have a 3D truck? Sounds like we may be having some fun in the next few years... Imagine a producer wanting the clock over camera 1 to be 3D....  UPDATE, Heard today that NEP is building a second 3D truck.