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Zodiak Clean Feed?

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Matt Saplin
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Using a 3-ME Zodiak here ... I don't think there is a way on this switcher to do what I'm looking to do, and I'm hoping that "the brain-trust" here can prove me wrong!


I'd like to take a clean feed out of an ME and loop it back in to feed a keyer (and TE) in the same ME.  The configurable clean feeds seem to only deal with the DSK, and it also appears that the only physical ME outputs are PGM and PVW.  I was hoping that maybe there was a virtual input, but I didn't see one of those, either.


Any ideas??  Thanks!


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Looking for Looking for a Zodiak (standard def) CONTROL PROC /DSK /SS board PN/ 671-6346-00X 


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The only way to do that is to bus link your M/E PGM bus to an aux and then loop the aux back in.  Unfortunately, there's no way to do this internally.