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Kahuna question

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A college of mine is about to fly to China to work on some golf and will have to operate a Kahuna. Coming from Australia where there aren't any of them we have a couple of questions.

Whats the procedure to record key and fill into the clip player to use for a clip transition and how are macro's built to play the internal players for the transition. What are the internal clip/ram player called.

What's the terminology for a snapshot/EMEM?

If someone has a user manual that would be greatly appreciated.

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I sent you an email through Editsuite with instructions for downloading the manual. Let me know if you received it. If you didn't then please send me your email address so I can get the instructions to you.

The memory terminology in Kahuna is mainly DMEMs and GMEMs. In GVG terms, a DMEM equals an EMEM and a GMEM equals a Master EMEM. We call our internal RAM players "Stores". We don't call them Clip Stores or Still Stores since all our Stores can play both.

To record fill & key into a Store, go to "User Config > Store Setup > Coupling" and couple together two Stores that you want to use for fill & key. When you record the video into the Fill Store it will automatically record the key into the Key Store. When you save the file it will be saved as a single file with fill & key. There are many variables that can come into play (HD>SD, SD>HD, SD>SD, HD>HD, embedded audio, WAV audio, AVI, Targa, JPEG & BMP files, etc.) but this should get you started.

Macros are very easy to build and attach to buttons on the panel. Just press "Record Macro" and press whatever buttons you want and press "Record Macro" again to stop. Then make your bitmap (if you will attach the macro to a User Function button), save your macro and attach it to a button on the control panel. If all you want to do is press the Play button in the Store menu then you can clone that button anywhere onto the panel. You should pre-load all your clips before the show so they are instantly available. If there is enough RAM then you can also load multiple clips into a Store, then make macros that either select the correct sub-clip and plays it or make a macro that marks the in & out point of the correct clip on the Store and plays it. This will depend on the options available and the software level of their Kahuna.


-= Ken =-


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I didn't get the email on here but I have sent you an email from my work address.

Thanks for your help.