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Ross Vision Question

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Hey All,

Our shop has had a Ross Vision 4MLE switcher/SMS server for several months now and I was wondering what other users think of the product.  Just curious... Is it me or does the switcher, coupled with the SMS,  not generate frame accurate undercuts when establishing a cut point under a DDR driven wipe animation.  Our graphics dept. has to make transitions that have several frames of FS coverage in order to handle the +/- 3 frame drift that occurs when the switcher undercuts during an animated wipe.  Is this normal?




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Hi Dave,


When building the Custom Control you will "cue" the clip and then insert a pause of X number of frames to allow the clip to cue.


Instead of using the insert special vtr Play command use the Play No Stat Command.  That command won't do a "Status Request" before sending the play command.