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Is any one here? Machine constants, edit points

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Hi All

does any one frequent this forum? any tape editors still alive?

I am editng on a BVE2000 onto HDcam M2000. (HD1080i25)

The edit point I select ( I have a tape with correct bitc to LTC and VITC) is being made 2 frames late. ( the out is also 2 frames late)

My machine constants are set to FF ( a problem (?) since the HDW wasn't even thought about when the BVE2000 was made.

Does any one know a definitive list of all current machine constants, and could this be the problem?

I have found since those for the DVW2000 now but am not in the edit suite for a few weeks to check out.

Thanks Steve

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stevek  Drop me a line at mandy.rolt@virgin.net and I can help you. Mandy