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Does Lance Cueman work on the new OS's?

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I'm asked with the new OS's and I-pads ect if they can run cueman by Lance. I thought Windows up to Vista and mac's after OS 10.4 will work.

Which would mean according to Lance Design cueman will not work with Windows 7, 8 or any of the i-Pads.




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New year, new Mac OS. Cueman does work on El Cap but your Keyspan adapter may need an updated driver which should be able to be found here:


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Was just purusing and saw this thread.  Cueman works on Yosemite no problem, and the driver for my keyspan adapter did not have to be updated.

Paul Spitzer
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Cueman definitely works on Win7...it's what I use.  It should work on Win8, but not Win8RT.  Be nice if it worked on IPad or Android...Mr. Lance said he has no plans to port to either.