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Timeline auto recall

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Carl Johansson
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A question: When recalling timelines on for example ME1 how do I get an auto-recall funtion that disables any timeline on ME2?

If there is an old timeline in ME2, that runs as well. I know I can have macro or clone different RUN buttons for different ME's but it would be nice to

know if there is an auto-recall feature.



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The best option is the one you mentioned - clone the individual M/E timeline run buttons from the GUI onto the panel. That way you know which M/E you will be running. Plus you can have different timelines loaded into all the M/Es and run whichever one you need at the time. The master Run button on the panel will run any M/E or DVE timeline or timelines that are enabled on the panel.

The other thing you could do is save your timelines as GMEMs with all the M/Es enabled but no keyframes in the M/Es that you don't want run. When you recall the GMEM it will load the timeline in the M/E where you built it and delete any timelines that are loaded in other M/Es. Then the master Run button will only run the timeline on that M/E.


-= Ken =-