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.kif - still no conversion available?

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Joined: 23 Nov 2005

I saw the thread from 2 years ago about bringing stills from the Kayenne (.kif) and converting them into any other standard graphic format (.jpg, tif, etc)

Has there been any progress on this? Did a way to do it surface?

Tyler Beckley
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Does anyone know how I can get stills from a Kayenne classic or a K-Frame in to a file format that I can take in to photoshop?

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The export operation works for EIF > PNG for stills and EIF > AVI for movies using the K-Frame menu. So this will be a 2 step operation for KIF files. First open the folder with the KIF files and point to a target folder. Name the files you want to convert and enable the convert button.

The KIFs will be made into matching EIF files.

Next put your EIF folder into the From side and point to your target folder. EIFs will be converted to PNGs for stills and AVIs for movies.There used to be an issue that caused AVIs not to be produced unless you were connected to a frame and I think for movies that still applies.

If you want to convert Kalypso stills to PNG you can do that too. First rename the GVa and GVi pair to be only the last 4 characters (so from i0000006 to 0006 for instance) - convert them to EIF then to PNG.







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Well, the news isn't entirely bad. If you use a K-Frame you can convert .kif to .eif on the fly via the menu and if you save the result to a disk drive you can export it as a PNG. This of course requires V6 or better software, but so far I haven't found a way to do it on V4 or lower. Let me see if there is way to do this offline with a menu only application. I can't see why stills wouldn't work as there are no length issues, but I will see.