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MVS-8000G clip transtion

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rami arafat
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Joined: 16 Dec 2006
how to creat clip transition on MVS-8000G
Bob Ennis
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Joined: 24 Aug 2005

1. record your clip (fill & key) in the Frame Memory.

2. Call up that clip on a pair of channels (such as 1&2).

3. On the M/E, use menu 1x71 (x is the number of the M/E).

4. Select the FM channel pair to use.  Choose the TRANS Type that you want to use under the FM.

5. Turn on a Keyer & use the FM as the key source.

6. Using menu 1x76, select the start & end of your background transition relative to the FM clip...move the clip using the M/E fader bar to where you want the bkgd to start transitioning & press the START button...press the STOP button when your clip is at the point where the background transition should finish.

7. You can easily access the Clip Transitionby reprogramming a button in the Trans module to drive the FM clip.  This is done in menu 7321.9.

Bob Ennis