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philips dd10 switcher control panel locked

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we have Thomson (Philips) dd10 switcher and we are facing some control panel locked


there is any idea how to deal with this





Jochen Huegel
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Hi Gurmeetsingh,


I found something for you I hope that helps:


Enter the ACCESS menu and toggle down with the Softkey USER (underneath the name of the activated user) to the next on this switcher installed ``USER`` and press softkey LOGIN.

In case the softkey USERS (see top side of the menu) appears then press the corresponding pushbutton.*) Now you will get a list of all the installed USER. Toggle with the arrow-buttons to that USER which you can not login, because of the unknown password. In the column ``Passwd`` you would have ``NO`` for no password or ``YES`` for a password would be necessary.

Now select with the softkey PERMIT (right hand upper side) the same permission which this user had before and press softkey ENTER. In the column Passwd it changes from YES to NO.

Now it should be possible to login the original USER without entering a password.


*) In case the softkey USERS does not appear continue toggling to the next installed USER until you get an USER with SYSTEM permission.

Background information: Only a SYSTEM user is authorised to delete a password of any other USER and only he would have the softkey USER with the list of all the USER available.


In case there is only one USER with SYSTEM permission available there would be no direct possibility for deleteing the password.

If this is fact please proceed by the following:

1st possibility: Connect the PC to the Service-Port of the E-Box (Service connector on front of the E-Box controller RY 1917 or at rear side of the E-Box).


Cable necessary 9pin




or 1:1 cable except pin7 and pin 9 connected


necessary Software: MS-KERMIT or other Terminalemulation programm (VT102; Hyperterminal)

Please refer also to the Service manual 4.2 SERVICE MENU; Connecting a PC


Call KERMIT.exe; type „C“ for connect; push the SPACE pushbutton at the PC; the Service menu appears.

Choose INTEGRATED ERROR DIAGNOSIS by typing „I“ at the PC, then choose CLEAR RAM FILES by typing  „C“ and choose QUERY by typing  „Q“. Now the first file which could be deleted would appear and you would be asked for clear process by YES or NO. Type ``Y`` for Yes (use capital letters otherwise your entry would be ignored) at the file named ACCESS; All other positions must be answered with ``N`` for No. The RAM content will be cleared at the position ACCESS, respectively set to default ; Only the user COMMON with permission SYSTEM will appear. All other USER must be re-entered.


2nd possibility is much more easier to carry out but with the result that more settings would be lost.

It is to perform an "emergency clear ".

Doing this by pressing the RESET switch on the E-box controller RY 1917. If

all LEDs of the bar are lit, press the push button which is close to the RESET button

(named MONITOR or 1TERM) and hold it down until the LED´s are runing again in normal operation.

ATTENTION; this would clear the file contents of: ACCESS, CONF-EB and

STATE-EB. The most important setups would be lost: Aux couple, Prerouter and DVE setups, port protocols, Genlock phase, Col-Limiter, EXTRA Define-memo.


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Thanx Jochen Huegel  will get back to you if we face any problem

Thanx & Regards