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DME assigned to keyers ?

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Joined: 26 May 2009

We just got a replacement Sony 8000G for the one we lost about a year ago.

Am I going crazy but could you not assign a DME to each individual keyer on a single ME ??

I have no problem assigning 4 channels to a single keyer, but I could of sworn that I could assign 4 channels of DME to 4 seperate keys on the same ME.

It has been a yr maybe I'm totally mistaken.

Thank you for your time

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Thanks so much for the prompt responses.

I must have been mistaken thinking I could assign DME to 4 keyers on one ME.


Bob Ennis
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From what I remember, if you are using a serial DME (the type that is fed off of the AUX buses as oppossed to the internal DME's), there is a menu setting that allows you to do 3 channels of DME onto one M/E.  This only works with the external (serial) DME's.

Bob Ennis

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To put what Hosko said in a different way...You can assign DMEs to up to 2 keyers per ME.



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You can only get 4 "feeds" from any singal ME to the DME. When you assign a key to the DME the key and fill is routed to the DME so you can only use two keys per ME to the DME. Or you can attach multple DME's to the one key, this way the key signals aren't sent to the DME and you can use all 4 DME's on the one key.

Hope that makes sense