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Clip transition

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Dear Colleagues,

I wanna to know different ways to do the clip transition on any of M/E's and P/P bus.

Thanks in advance.

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There are number of ways to perform a clip transition in Kahuna. You can build it as a DMEM or a macro that recalls a DMEM or do the whole thing as a macro. It’s your choice depending on our style, situation or comfort level.

First make sure you have imported the animated clip into Kahuna and loaded it into one of the Stores (or 2 Stores that are coupled if you need fill & key).

Select that Store in one of the keyers. I normally use Key 4 or one of the eKeys.

Select two sources on the A and B background buses that you will transition between.

To build it as a straight macro, press Macro Record, the transition rate button then enter the duration of the under-mix or wipe that will take place under the animation, select the correct Store on the correct keyer, press the correct key-type (lin, lum, chroma, coupled, self, etc), turn on the key, press Play for the Store with the animation, press Auto in the transition area to do the wipe, turn off the key, then press the transition rate button to enter your normal transition rate and turn off Macro Record. You’ll now need to fool around with the delay rates of the steps of the macro. Many of them can be zero but some of them definitely cannot. When it’s running good then make a nice bitmap label for the macro and save it then attach it to a button. Don’t forget to re-save your Panel Config so the attachment of the button map doesn’t disappear. I’m writing this from memory without being in front of a Kahuna so hopefully I didn’t leave out any steps. The advantage of doing it all as a macro is that you can use an external server to run the clip instead of one of the internal Stores. Just replace all the commands meant for the Store with commands meant for the server. This is pretty much the same way you would build it on any other switcher too.

To do a clip transition as a DMEM the clip must be loaded into an internal Store. Select that Store in keyer and select a source on the A and B background buses as before. Turn on that keyer and select that keyer and Bgnd so that you will do a background and key# transition and set that keyer to Local Trans in the Key Adjust module (or the Transition menu). Adjust the Trans Rate for the keyer to match the length of the clip. Now when you press Auto Trans or move the fader arm, the clip and transition will run. If the background transition is a mix under the animation you’ll need to fool around with offset by pressing the Time button for the keyer in the Key Adjust area and entering the correct offset (always a negative number) or twisting the know for the the Transition Offset. If the background transition behind the animation is a wipe then you may also need to adjust the transition rate for the background buses. I find in that case that the transition rate for the background is always shorter than the clip duration. Once you have it running the way you like it then save it as a DMEM with the Background not enabled. I usually make a macro that recalls the DMEM, then hits Auto Trans to run the effect, then resets the M/E to it’s normal mix with a half-second mix (or whatever rate is normal). Again, I’m writing this from memory.



-= Ken =-

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Dear Guys,

Is ther any way to do the wipe transition on 4 ME buses kahuna?