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Sunday 10/9 Presidential Debate

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Paul Spitzer
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Joined: 30 Sep 2005

Anybody notice the numerous issues re cameras panning, zooming, etc. while in split screens, as if tallies weren't working? Please no politics.

Matt Saplin
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Exactly as Hosko said ... there is a switched pool feed, but that pool also offers ISOs of the candidates to the Networks.  Presumably everyone using that pool is also on an AD bridge, so there might be some warning if an adjustment has to be made.  When the candidates stay at podiums (rather than moving about the stage), it's less likely that anyone is going to get caught making shot adjustments.

hosko's picture
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The split screens are done by the verious networks who can get a split of the cameras, the main feed doesn't have split screens. I have synced the two up fairly close.

https://youtu.be/rfq0Yw2sMq0?t=2105 Raw Feed

https://youtu.be/ooShpws3Dik?t=841 CBS Cut

Who were you watching the debate on? There was two cameras in the main camera position who only shot the candidates, this didn't whip or zoom. It dounds like what you were watching was someone trying to use another camera in the box and getting greedy. Would have been a more front on shot if they were looking and the left or right questioners but dangerous because they don't have comms or tallies. 



Paul Spitzer
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Makes sense. I was hopping around...don't remember which network it occurred on.