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Sony Aux Bus Remote Panel MKS-8082

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Is there a way to create a source "shift" and gain access to more than 32 sources?  And what does the "level" button access in source mode?  I see my first 32 inputs on Level 1.  But I have no idea what levels 2,3,etc give me access to.





Bob Ennis
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The short answer to your question about SHIFT is "yes". (page 25 of the attached link)

The level assignments are used primarily for router control.

Everything you are asking about is explained here:  https://pro.sony.com/bbsc/assetDownloadController/mks8082-op-manual.pdf?path=Asset%20Hierarchy$Professional$SEL-yf-generic-153714$SEL-yf-generic-153771SEL-asset-43537.pdf&id=StepID$SEL-asset-43537$original&dimension=original

Bob Ennis